Designed and crafted by hard-working Lithuanian craftsmen, this 6m x 7m frame cabin with a modern and practical design is made according to the customer's most important needs, and has a convenient entrance to the outdoors or to the terrace through a display window, as well as a 2-position entrance door (with ventilation function). The cabin is made only from quality materials, from reliable and long-term suppliers, the structural loads of the house are calculated and designed by one of the best designers in Lithuania. This mobile home is manufactured on our premises within 1-2 months and delivered directly to your site.

The all-season holiday and living cabins use impregnated dry construction timber and C24 calibrated certified timber, roof reinforcement "strings" and metal structural reinforcements, serviced sheeting, long-lasting burnt timber, and our craftspeople bring it all together into a beautiful result, with beautiful and appropriate sheet joints and burnt-timber board joints. Let's schedule an appointment and see for yourself!

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Inside the cabin you will find a toilet and shower room, a bedroom, a small kitchen and a sofa bed with TV. Other layouts include a kitchenette and bedroom, a toilet and shower room and more. (possible high roof with mezzanine)

- No building permits required;
- Sealed insulation with polyurethane foam or wool (10-30cm);
- Comfortable in all seasons;
- Natural wood reinforced with a high quality frame;
- Modern finish;
- Additionally, we can upgrade from partial to full finishing;
- Interconnection of cabins is possible;
- Many years of experience in building cabins in Norway and Europe.

Highly technical and good quality cabins - can be yours!

42m2 – 6.12m x 7m for 20.000 € + VAT
50m2 - 6.12m x 7m + high roof with mezzanine for 24.000€ + VAT

64m2 – 7.12m x 7m + aukštas stogas su antresole už 27.000 € + PVM

Technical specifications:
- 2-pane plastic sash windows (With ventilation function);
- 2 Glass plastic lockable entrance doors (With ventilation function);
- Impregnated, quality-dried wood;
- Serviced C24 calibrated wood;
- Metal reinforcements;
- High-quality 0.5mm long-lasting sheet metal (manufacturer's guarantee up to 20 years);
- 10-30 cm of insulation, with wool or polyurethane foam according to your needs;
- Rodent net;

- Long-lasting burnt-wood cladding;
- Wind and water vapour film.

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Individual changes can be made during the course of the work, and orders are accepted in advance during the high season. For on-site houses, please call.

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*Additional services: delivery of the house and installation of the poles, interior furnishing.

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