Designed and crafted by hard-working Lithuanian craftsmen, this 7m x 3,5m frame cabin with a modern and practical design is made according to the customer's most important needs, and has a convenient entrance to the outdoors or to the terrace through a display window, as well as a 2-position entrance door (with ventilation function). The cabin is made only from quality materials, from reliable and long-term suppliers, the structural loads of the house are calculated and designed by one of the best designers in Lithuania. This mobile home is manufactured on our premises within 1-2 months and delivered directly to your site.

Poilsiui bei gyvenimui visais metų laikais tinkamiems nameliams naudojama impregnuota sausa statybinė mediena bei C24 kalibruota sertifikuota mediena, montuojamos stogo sustiprinimo „stygos” bei metaliniai konstrukcijos sutvirtinimo elementai, serfitikuota skarda, naudojama ilgaamžė deginta mediena, o mūsų meistrai viską sujungia į nuostabią visumą – atlieka gražius ir tinkamus skardų sujungimus bei degintos medienos lentelių sujungimus. Suplanuokime susitikimą, ir įsitikinkite tuo patys!

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Inside the cabin you will find a toilet and shower room, a bedroom, a small kitchen and a sofa bed with TV. Other layouts include a kitchenette and bedroom, a toilet and shower room and more. (possible high roof with mezzanine)


- No building permits required;
- Sealed insulation with polyurethane foam or wool (10-30cm);
- Comfortable in all seasons;
- Natural wood reinforced with a high quality frame;
- Modern finish;
- Additionally, we can upgrade from partial to full finishing;
- Interconnection of cabins is possible;
- Many years of experience in building cabins in Norway and Europe.

Highly detailed, good quality houses - can be yours!

29M2 – 7M X 3,5M +aukštas stogas su antresole už 10.500€ + PVM

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Technical specifications:

- 2-pane plastic sash windows (With ventilation function);
- 2 Glass plastic lockable entrance doors (With ventilation function);
- Impregnated, quality-dried wood;
- Serviced C24 calibrated wood;
- Metal reinforcements;
- High-quality 0.5mm long-lasting sheet metal (manufacturer's guarantee up to 20 years);
- 10-30 cm of insulation, with wool or polyurethane foam according to your needs;
- Rodent net;

- Long-lasting burnt-wood cladding;
- Wind and water vapour film.

Individual changes are possible during the course of the work. In high season, bookings are accepted in advance. For on-site houses - please contact on the phone.

Phone: +37061586824


*Additional services: delivery of the house and installation of the poles, interior furnishing.


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